the assembly co - autumn gathering

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One of the things I love to shoot are gatherings and I've been to lots. This one put together by Nia & Johan Neve of The Assembly Co is most definitely my kind of gathering. The one I felt really at home and comfortable. I never once felt intimidated or scared meeting or introducing myself to most of the guests at today's luncheon. Lately at gatherings there seems to be a trend where there's more emphasis on fancy schmancy styling and becomes such a grand affair. Today was just perfect. Thank you Nia, Johan and the gathering team! I wish it was longer, I wish it lingered until dinner and we could have chatted a lot more. I met so many amazing people. I was telling someone today that I meet the next person I collaborate with at gatherings like this and very right too! @theassemblyhome you guys are right on the money here, you've created a gathering I want to attend again and again. I love that you brought it back to the basics of just the simplicity, amazing food and just purely a time to enjoy each other's company. I'm looking forward to the your next one - Winter gathering. Sign me up!

Ps. These dessert table is the creation of the talented Sally Boyle