storytelling with steller

"… by 2017, some 2.5 billion people will have smartphones, versus 1.75 billion today. The switch from desktop to mobile appears to have changed how people behave on social media, or at least, how they define it." {via Mashable}

Finally! A new app that will change the way we blog - using a mobile platform and also an app that allows us to view full bleed images! Introducing the new storytelling app called Steller.

There's 3 reasons why I love it
• Full bleed images. I've always thought it's such an awesome way to view images. They look so much better.
• Blogging via a mobile platform.  I don't get to blog as often as I'd like anymore and I have a rule of showing only one best image in Instagram, with Steller I feel that I will be able to 'blog' more often now. It is a perfect app to story tell visually using photos, videos or text.
• It works perfectly as an extension to the main social media apps I use on a regular basis which are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and now Steller.

Who will love using it?

Food Bloggers 
OMG! Just check out Jennifer Chong's & Bianca Virtue's Steller collections! Can you imagine being able to share the recipe and photo for each step? You will love Steller because it's the perfect mobile app platform to show off your beautiful images and recipe. More like an extension for your blog.

Bring back the lookbooks! Yes, they are back and, yes, in mobile form. Check out this lookbook created by Madelynn Hackwith Furlong.

Anyone travelling
As Steller grows (and not doubt it will), I plan to collect images for my New York collection. New York is in my bucket list and I'm using Steller to collect stories on New York's best finds - from cafes to markets, museums and landmarks - the lot! Currently I saved this in my New York collection.

Perfect app to show off your portfolio or send a mobile album to your clients

Small businesses
A great way to story tell visually using a series of images rather than with just 1 photo at a time via instagram. The potential is endless.

Here are just a few of my own stories created with Steller

To find out more check out Steller stories by Anthology Magazine, Bright Bazaar and best summed up by Sweet Fine Day. Steller is a free app and you can download it here.

Other favourite Steller stories include Joy Cho of Oh Joy! • Satsuki Shibuya • Sisilia Piring • Happy Interior Blog