obsessive consumption: what i bought today...


When I studied graphic design at Shillington College our instructor Jo Morley have always encouraged us to sketch ideas prior to working on our designs. I'm always so terrible at drawing. I find myself comparing it to others and I get so disappointed with the results. But then again it's just practice, practice, practice isn't if I want to get better at it.

I needed something to inspire me to draw. I saw Kate Bingaman Burt's book Obsessive Consumption I was immediately 'drawn' to it because it is a treasure trove of drawings of mundane stuff from parking tickets, coffee, packs of gum, shoes, electricity bill and burritos.

Anyway just a couple of weeks ago Kate's name popped as a suggestion to follow in twitter, I think maybe it's the fate's way of telling me that maybe it is time to explore a bit of sketching. In twitter I then saw that she's offering a yearly zine subscription which I immediately purchased. So here it is... very excited at the thought of receiving a different subscription (other than magazines) on a monthly basis and oh yay snail mails. I love any handwritten mails.

If you want to know more about Kate Bingaman Burt check out an interview of her at The Great Discontent


  1. This looks completely perfect to me! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love obsessive consumption! I bought some of her work for my brother (for his birthday) a few years back. Maybe I should get something for myself!