frankie magazine issue 49


In this life it's not about who you know, it's who you help. I've always dreamed about being in Frankie Magazine, and possibly the only magazine I subscribe to and today that dream came true.One day I received an email from Stefanie Ingram, she just moved from Melbourne to Sydney, she's a trained architect but she always wanted to be a stylist and build up her own portfolio. I was quite impressed by her energy and how passionate she is what she does. We worked on a few concept and one of them was this shoot which was featured in Kinfolk Journal.

So one thing led to another and we were working on few other collaboration shoots. Four weeks ago she sent me an email and said that Frankie Magazine wanted her to style a shoot for Issue#49. They sent her names of few photographers, however Stefanie also requested if there's a possibility I photograph the shoot. She sent them my portfolio and one Sunday we just did this most unassuming shoot and here it is my first ever commissioned shoot with Frankie Magazine. My hands are shaking as I type this post. I still can't quite believe it.

There you go folks, dreams do come true and it's important to note in your journey generosity must play a big part because you just never know who you will meet one day. I always believe that generosity to others comes back to you ten-folds.