asking strangers

there was a group of friends having a lovely brunch together. i knew it was a perfect opportunity to ask if i can photograph them but i chickened out. i wish i have the courage to ask it really would have been an awesome set of images.


  1. Luisy-babe,
    You totally do have the courage, you're just pretending otherwise. DO. IT. Tomorrow! Ask 3 strangers! I dare you. You will feel soo liberated once you start, and then you'll never be scared again.

  2. Next time Gadget, NEXT TIIIIIIME!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Annette is right ... and you find people are a lot more accommodating than you think, my daughter is photographing 100 faces for an art project and she has to approach lots of people (she needs a very diverse group of photos) ... still lots to go but only one person so far has said no.