still beautiful

Untitled Untitled Untitled i love revisiting images that i marked rejected and loving it today. i think there's something about film that even though they're not the images we expect, there's something very special about it. film will always have a place in my heart. captured with canon ae-1 and fuji film.


  1. WOW So beautiful!
    Not at all the rejects

    If you love film you will love my blog.

  2. These photos are beautiful. I find the same thing coming back to photos I've cast aside, but mine aren't as gorgeous as yours!

  3. Holy heaven, Luisa. These pictures are captivating. I love that there is something to be found in the throw-aways sometimes, one of the many magic parts of film.

    (not to mention the irony that there are a million effects looking to add this same light-leaky quality to digital pictures!)

  4. I'm swooning over the light leaks here. Film just has that certain something.