'under the pomegranate tree' an installation


'Under the pomegranate tree' an installation by the clever flower warrior Amelia of The Flower Era. Modelled by Bella Thompson for Lovestoned

the flower era at the nest creative space


You know when they said surround yourself with like-minded people? Well you can literally do this because all of them are in the one roof at The Nest Creative Space. I was shooting content today for Amelia of The Flower Era but we manage to also get Milly Dent, Melissa Carey, Arielle Gamble and Reso & Co involved.


Untitled Untitled

Breakfast photoshoot with Jess Kneebone

ally bruce for the grounds florals by silva


Photoshoot for The Grounds Florals by Silva Valentines Campaign. Modelled by the effervescent Ally Bruce.

therapyhq clutch

Untitled Untitled

Campaign shoot for ther.a.py - bespoke leather clutches. Modelled by Bella Thomas


Untitled Wattle floral portrait with Laura Claire Jones at Butterland for the Slow Living Workshop in Melbourne.



Photoshoot for Prodjuice this morning.

butterland, newstead

Untitled Untitled Favourite corner. This bathroom at Butterland



torch ginger flowers


Lisa Madigan holding torch ginger flowers. We (along with Jaclyn Carson of Blog Society, Nadean Brennan of One Fine Day Collective and Sophie Baker of Hamilton Island) -- visited Villa Sungai as part of Natalie Hayllar of Eat Read Love's first ever international pop up dinner in Bali.

for the new ozharvest cookbook


Sneak peek from OzHarvest's photoshoot. In collaboration with The Floury Baker and John Mangila.

hanako floral designs + timbermill


Playing with all the flowers that Hanako Lee brought along today for the event Timbermill is styling at The Stables.

kale pesto


Making kale pesto with Linda Ross of The Garden Clinic